Sketch of a sailboat on a sea
Fast Asleep
Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore, Italy
Study of a Barn
Fleugatt near Brussels
Margate Pier
View of the Villa Pescatore from Villa Muti, Piombino
View of Nijmegen, with the Valkhof seen from the river
Study for 'Sir Sampson Gideon and his tutor, Signor Basti'  (National Gallery of Victoria, Australia)
Design for ceiling decoration - Venus petitions Jupiter for  Aeneas' deification
Ruined castle
Last Supper
Man in contemporary dress
Two figures standing close to each other (recto)
Figure with a lamp and a large key (recto)
Woodcutters by Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor
Study of an arm
Sheet of rug designs
Lamentation over the body of Christ
Landscape with trees (recto)
Landscape, with trees and a bank
Sion, Switzerland
Study of two male figures for the 'Baptism of Christ'
Imaginary view of Emmaus with the Journey of Christ and two Disciples
A battle scene outside a walled city
Conversion of Saint Paul
Sheet of figures studies
Study of a male head
Study for portrait of a lady reclining on a couch - Lady  Hamilton (?) (recto)
Landscape with tower
View near Rome with the Tiber
Two reclining male nudes (recto)
Massacre of the Innocents
Unidentified subject - kneeling man offering a wreath to emperor on throne
'The Discovery', or 'The Ideal Husband' (preparatory drawing for the decorations at Vauxhall Gardens?)
Ox (recto)
Landscape with garden and fountain
Sketch for 'Blind Man's Buff' (Buckingham Palace) (recto)
Duck - Anas boschas (recto)
Design for a decorated dish - frieze with Neptune and Amphitrite
Scene in an Abyssinian village
Sea front at Blackpool (formerly 'Rhyl Sands, North Wales') (recto)
Yorick and the Grisette
Man in fashionable dress
Male torso
Still life - dead game with a landscape background (recto)
Secundem Artem - caricature of a man and a woman
Women bathing
Mythological scene with Hermes and a sleeping man
Portrait of Mrs Marshall, Mrs White's aunt