Pair of cups and saucers
Bowl decorated inside with stylised birds against a scale design  within three bands of pseudo-inscriptions
Dish with coats of arms of Mazzarosa and Sardi families (one of a pair)
Plaque with the bust of the Virgin Mary reading
Puzzle jug
Ewer with the arms of Bavaria
Bowl with The Crossing of the Red Sea
Dish decorated with mandarin ducks on a lotus pond
Dish decorated in ‘bianco sopra bianco’ and four medallions with busts
Fluted bowl with a naked figure on a horse
Square bottle with turquoise glaze decorated in black
Plate with overglaze painted design of two nude figures
Plate with overglaze painted sailing boat design
Black-glazed bowl
Wine jar with spout and two handles
Dish with coats of arms of Mazzarosa and Sardi families (one of a pair)
Incised slipware bowl with well, with triangle design
Earthenware cover
White tin-glazed coffee pot
Blue glazed side or fruit plate
Relief-moulded bowl with ‘Fede’ motif
Black-glazed dinner or dessert plate
Armorial jug
Dish for ewer with bird and Aragon shields
Broad rimmed plate with a female saint
Blue-glazed covered tureen with handle in the form of a bison or Chinese lion
Pharmacy jar (‘stagnone’) for water of fumitory painted with the Abduction of Proserpina and three mounted Roman soldiers
Syrup jar for oil of sweet almonds
Pot on three feet (incense burner)
Lustred plate with running putto
White vase with mottled decoration in manganese and a turquoise  rim
Broad-rimmed bowl with head of Roman emperor among trophies decoration
Large lustred dish for ewer with gadrooned border and raised boss of concentric rings with a Christian inscription
Globular jar
Dish with card players
Armourial bowl
Moulded bowl on low foot, Hannibal elected general
Salt cellar or small vase decorated with grotesques and two ducal coronets
Lustred dish with the Incredulity of Saint Thomas
Vase with two episodes from the life of Moses
Fragment of slipware decorated with a female head
Bowl on high foot with the Crucifixion
Plate with overglaze painted design of a cat's(?) face and paws
Vase with Jonas and Whale and Elijah revives the Widow of Zarepath’s Son
Two-handled vase with profile portraits
Dish with a portrait of Marco Barbarigo
Fluted bowl with Cupid aiming his arrow
Pentagonal tile from Palazzo Petrucci, Siena (one of a pair)
Broad-rimmed bowl (tondino) with a cupid playing a wind instrument (cennamella), among a border of trophies, padlocks, anchors and sails
Bowl with incurved rim decorated inside with [?pseudo-lettering  and] stylised birds against a striated ground
Lustred and moulded bowl with the ‘Sacred Trigram’