Landscape by Moonlight
Hip Bath
Judith with the Head of Holofernes
Saint Peter
Seated Woman, Ka Cox (recto)
Outskirts of Pont-Aven
San Trovaso, Venice
Orchard, Woman seated in a Garden
Rebuilding the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square
Presentation in the Temple
The Haystacks
Portrait of Samuel Courtauld
Saint Gregory the Great
Stigmatization of Saint Francis
Pot of Flowers and Fruit
Woman at a Window
Bathing huts, Dieppe
Man painting a boat
Saint Sebastian (after Andrea Mantegna)
Nativity with Angel of the Annunciation - above (left panel)
Modello for the Title-Page to Corderius's "Commentaries on Saint Luke"
David slaying Goliath
Venus in a Landscape
Wrath of Achilles
Painting 1937
Adoration of the Magi
Triptych - Apocalypse
God the Father in an Attitude of Benediction
Story of Saint Thomas the Apostle - Gundaphorus gives Saint  Thomas money to build his palace, and other episodes
Salvator Mundi
Virgin and Child with Four Saints, with Christ Crucified
Immaculate Conception
Adoration of the Magi
Annunciation of the Virgin's Death
Portrait of a Royalist officer
Saint Lawrence
Saint Lawrence
Portrait of a Man (after Titian)
Still Life at a Window
Portrait of Stella Newton
Young Woman in a Landscape (Carinthia)
Fisherman in a moored boat
Virgin and Child
Diptych - Annunciation
Virgin and Child Enthroned between Saint Dominic and a Papal  Saint
Adam and Eve
Triumph of Silenius
Janus and Saturn (after Veronese)
Adam and Eve at Work