Avant et après




Avant et après

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Height: 29.6 cm
Width: 21.7 cm

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Mode of Acquisition

HM Government (Acceptance in Lieu) allocation, allocation, 2020


Accepted in lieu of Inheritance Tax by HM Government and allocated to the Samuel Courtauld Trust, 2020

Label Text

This important manuscript by Paul Gauguin was written on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas and completed only two months before he died. It was recently given to The Courtauld and is presented here for the first time.

The manuscript’s title refers to his life before and after moving to Polynesia. The text reveals important insights into his life, while vivid anecdotes expose his often provocative opinions about art and literature. Gauguin challenges the hypocrisy and morality of his time and exposes the misdeeds of the colonial and church authorities in French Polynesia. He fails, however, to recognise his own racial stereotyping and misogyny.

The text is interspersed with Gauguin’s drawings and prints. Many revisit compositions that occupied his imagination throughout the decade he spent in Tahiti and the Marquesas. They reveal the profound influence of Polynesian culture on his art.


sent by the artist to André Fontainas, Paris (1865-1948), 1903; returned by Fontainas to Mette Gauguin, Copenhagen (1850-1920), 1909; sold by Pola Gauguin, Copenhagen (1883-1961), along with its publishing rights, to Kurt Wolff, Leipzig, (1887-1963), 1913; sold at Paul Graupe, Berlin, 10 December 1917, lot 95; purchased there by Erik Ernst Schwabach, Berlin (1891-1938); purchased by Erich Goeritz, Berlin (1889-1955), possibly c. 1925 and likely from a Berlin dealer; remained with Goeritz during his emigration from Germany to London, 1934-1939; placed on consignment with the Rosenbach Company, New York, 1951; subject of a lawsuit relating to ownership of the manuscript between Erich Goeritz’s heirs and John Fleming, successor to Rosenbach, 1956-1957; returned to the Goeritz heirs by the New York Supreme Court, 1957; remained in Goeritz family until accepted in lieu of inheritance tax by The Courtauld, 2020


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