The day
River landscape with three goats
Venus and Cupid
The studious pupil looking for a use for his vacation (Collégien studieux cherchant à utiliser ses vacances)
Portrait of Ann of Cleves
Sabine and Eponine before Vespasian
Entrada al patio de los leones (Alhambra)
Engravings from the Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Volume I
Engravings from the Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Volume 3
'Paons'(Peacocks) from the album Le Ménagerie Parisienne, Paris, 1854
Illustrations from Tableau de Paris (Edmond Texier), vol. 1
Belles de Jour - Belles de Nuit
Tombeau Consacre a la Memoire de Ceux qui Perirent Juillet 1830
The May-Pole
Illustration to poem 'Elfinland Wud'
Vue du Romerberg a Francforts A.M.
The Sun's Chariot
Reclining Artist
Variations on a Theme (Variationen uber ein Thema) - Variation VI
Soldier seated on a tomb and other figures
Virgin and Child with young St John the Baptist and Joseph
No image available
Portrait of Lionel Cranfield, Earl of Middlesex
Portrait of Daniel de Dieu
Britannia and her boys
Shepherd Boy, The
Three Kings, The
Le Songe de la vie humaine (The Dream of Human Life)
A seated female nude
Armida discovering the sleeping Rinaldo
Landscape with antique ruins
Landscape with a rainbow
Flight into Egypt[?]
Latona changing the Lycian peasants into frogs
Plates from 'Tableaux de premier ordre anciens et modernes composant la galerie de M. John W. Wilson', Paris, 1881.
Millbrook House, Guildford
Lady Gideon
A Line Made By Walking
Portrait of Daumier
Berthe Morisot
Reclining Figure
Mermaid Child, The
The Building of the Tower of Babel
Male and female nude embracing before a procession
Three scenes from Hop o'my Thumb
Portrait of a tattooed Marquesan cannibal
Portrait of Baldassarre Castiglione
Childhood of Jesus, The
Adoration of the Magi (Adoration des Mages)
Adoration of the Magi (Adoration des Mages)